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Mission: Advocates for Kids is committed to supporting organizations that serve children with special needs by providing experiences that empower them to realize their full potential.

Under the direction of Margot Repas, Executive Director of Advocates for Kids, the organization continues its mindful support of children and families throughout Ohio.

Summer programming for kids, especially those who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing, continues to be a funding priority. Simultaneously, programs and services that support children and families of economic disadvantage is a new initiative for the organization. Advocates for Kids partnerships with a variety of Ohio Veteran and Fraternal organizations across the state continue to heighten an awareness of the needs in smaller towns and communities throughout Ohio.

Our Values

All children are equally important regardless of the presence of significant physical, mental and socio-economic challenges.

A collaboration of families, funders and service providers is critical in providing effective services tailored to the unique needs of each child.

Individualized services cultivate unconditional acceptance, important life skills, individuality, self-understanding and various levels and modes of communication.

Our People


Michael Repas, President & Advocate
Don Morrison, Vice President
Jan Miller, Secretary
Cindy Pennington, Treasurer
Kassandra Shrienk, Trustee
Elaine Rankin, Trustee
Cheryl Deisch, Trustee


Margot Repas, Executive Director
Camille Warren, Office Manager & Family Advocate